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      £120 FOR A FULL HOUR OF FUN !              I AM BASED IN THE PE120HU AREA

                    OF LINCOLNSHIRE 


Hi my name is hazel, and I am based in Lincolnshire Pe120hu area 

I am 5'1"and a half inches tall

I am a size 12 so not big and not small 

my boobs are size 40 DD more than a hand full

and size 5 feet for all you feet loves 

I have long hair some times with a little grey lol

I am 59 yes it is me in the pics and yes they are recent pics well 

within the last year or so.


I just love doing my work very much,

I like to massage ladies and guys / couples as long as you are clean and polite and over 18 years of age,

please don't be shy if you are much older I like that too, 18  to 100 +

I always say up to a 100 years old  as I really like the older guys and ladies

 too, I love having fun when I massage so if you are looking to try some think new or would just like to do some think different then come and see me as thats what I like.

If your wife or your husband / boyfriend / girlfriend does not do it for you then let me do it for you I aim to please,  I have been doing massaging now for about 29 years.


I have helped lots of people over come things that they could not do or get done else where,  I have had lots of fun times too so please feel free to ask me anything that you would like to have done, hope to help you all soon.  



Hi Again only me 

Some things you might like to now about me,

well I love having fun and being played with and for you to massage me too, 

I love giving oral and receiving it too, I do not like to be hurt but a little pain can be nice here and there if you know what I mean lol, I love to tease and please too I will not swallow as this is not a safe thing to do I hope you understand,  

I do not like anal done to me but I like to do it to you though if thats what you would like I am your lady.   

I am a nutter LoL

I have a wicked sense of humour

I love to please

I do like to joke around 

And I have lots of guys and ladies that just come to relax

But most of all I am fun to see and I love life and love to make you happy too.


             ( ONE LIFE SO LIVE IT AND BE SAFE  )  its all about fun not worry. 


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